From Rosebank site

  • Wicked electricity
    Switched onto Science on the MOE's 'Wicked' website.
  • Energizer's Simple Circuits
    The Energizer website tells you how to make a simple circuit.
  • British Energy Website
    This site is has a timeline of important events in the history of electricity.
  • British Energy website
    This part of the site tells you about building your own electrical circuit.
  • BBC Site
    Interactive clip showing electrical circuits. For beginners (6-7 year olds).
  • BBC Site
    Circuits and Conductors - Intermediate (8-9 year olds).
  • BBC site
    Changing Circuits - Advanced (10-11 year olds)
  • BBC site
    Selection of learning zone clips for all Curriculum areas. Select from drop-down list in search boxes - Science, then Electricity, Circuits and Conductors
  • BBC site
    Electricity - Circuit Builder interactive
  • BBC site
    Selection of interactive activities to teach physical processes, including Electricity
  • Vector Electricity Site
    Good interactive games about safety around electricity.